FREE (for now), Fun, Informative, Lunchtime Live Talks

for Parents with Children Aged 9-19yrs

1st Tuesday of the Month - 12:00 - 13:15 | Places are Limited so Book Early

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Teen Behaviourist & Parent Advocate

What is it all about?

  • We will meet up on Zoom for a good ol' chat. 
  • Each month we will discuss a different topic that relates to parenting our older children. 
  • We will also look at what's happening in the news - so we can stay ahead of the parenting game!

Top Tips 

We don't talk enough about our older children! - Did you ever go to those parent and baby groups? Well this, is like that - only the 2.0 version. Teens (and pre-teens) are tough to manage and this space is the opportunity for us parents to learn, share, vent, laugh and cry. 

Group Chats

It Takes a village to Raise a Child -  You will be split into groups to discuss the hot topic if the day. Getting the perspective of other parents is so helpful. There are no right or wrong answers just an opportunity for meeting others, sharing experiences, learning and some mid-day fun.


Ask and  you shall receive -  Time will be dedicated to addressing the challenges you face at home. Bring whatever is on your mind. We're in this together!

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    What a few of our parents say...

    Anika is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to parent and teen relationships. I highly recommend her services.”

    Jo Le’febour

    Anika gave me new skills and ideas to help enable me to be take back control of our unhappy family situation!

    Tanya S. Collins

    Anika knows exactly how to coach parents through the turbulent teen years. She has a wealth of knowledge that helped me through the tough times

    Denise McLean

    So, who is this Anika then?

    Well, I've been working with children and young people for the past 20+yrs.  

    That was until I realised that the best support I could ever give them, was in supporting their parents to build the confidence, skills and knowledge to better connect, and protect their own children. 

    My specialism is adolescent behaviour management - which is a growing issue in homes - regardless of background - more than most admit to! 

    Over the past 7yrs, I've supported 1000s of working parents from around the world - and realise that issues with teenagers cross all bank balances, cultures and races. 

    Well, you know what? Let's change that. 

    Our children need us to be informed, confident and firm - to help them get through this world in one piece!

    Come and join us!
    Anika V x

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