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Working Parent Well-being Consultant  & Parent Advocate

What you will develop over the 5 days

Day 1 - Uncovering your client's hidden needs

What are the hidden stressors that my clients face?  I'll teach you about one of the biggest family issues that your client's struggle to manage. You'll learn how stigma keeps your client's silenced and unable to ask for help.  Your knowledge, awareness and understanding will be enhanced, so you can better communicate your compassion.

Day 2 - Addressing family-to-work conflict

How do these hidden issues impact on my client's emotional well-being, to prevent them moving forward? I will reveal to you the many ways in which your clients are impacted upon in both their work and home domains. You will be able to work with your clients to begin unblocking the pathways, to their progression. 

Day 3 -  Crafting Your Marketing Message (Pt1)

How will prospective clients know that I am the right coach for them? I'll share the first 7 elements of The Connectedness Approach (TM) that you will use in crafting your niche marketing messages to attract new clients. This will help you keep ahead of the crowded coaching market.

Day 4 - Crafting Your Marketing Message (Pt2)

How will I demonstrate empathy in my message? You will get the next 6 elements of The Connectedness Approach (TM) which covers the key worries working parents face. Your new knowledge will help you craft marketing messages that speak to your client's pain points, so that you can demonstrate your ability to help in resolving them. 

Day 5 - Engaging Your New Clients

How will I support my clients to address this niche area in their lives? With your new understanding, I will show you how to use your coaching skill, to guide your clients towards discovering their own solutions to the work and family questions they are seeking.

You'll be given exclusive access to our Private Members Only Facebook Group. This gives a great community feel to the process as we encourage each other forward in our learning process.

Each task can be completed in 20mins. I'll also be delivering live training each day, where your questions can get answered, and I can get to know about you and your business aspirations.

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    I am ready to show you the niche approach that you can utilise in your Life Coaching business.

    Here is what past clients of mine have said about these teachings...

    Anika is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to parent and teen relationships. I highly recommend her services.”

    Jo Le’febour

    I can with great confidence highly recommend Anika and her courses. Anika gave me new skills and ideas to help enable me to be take back control of our unhappy family situation!

    Tanya S. Collins

    Anika knows exactly how to coach parents through the turbulent teen years. I'm excited to learn that she is now training more coaches with her unique methods.

    Denise McLean

    I learnt how I can improve the communication channels with my teen and what I can do to address challenges as they crop up. This is invaluable stuff that should be made compulsory!! I highly recommend. 

    Misia Smith

    Anika has a wealth of knowledge to share, and has built up a great team around her and together they are passionate about helping teens and their families. This is just what families have been crying out for. You've provided hope when I was ready to give up.

    Nicola Wells

    Anika has become an invaluable resource to me as I negotiate Menopause with three hormonal Teens in the house, post Divorce 2 years ago!

     She is an expert in her field and provides strategies that sit with your own values as a parent and supports you through the process of effecting the strategy agreed.

    Belinda Bronjewski

    So, who is this Anika then?

    Well, I've been working with children and young people for the past 20+yrs.  

    That was until I realised that the best support I could ever give them, was in supporting their parents to build the confidence, skills and knowledge to better connect, and protect their own children. 

    My specialism is adolescent behaviour management - which is a growing issue in middle-class homes- more than most admit to! 

    Over the past 7yrs, I've supported 1000s of working parents in organisations from around the world - and realise that issues with teenagers cross all bank balances, cultures and races. 

    I'm now at a point where I recognise the whole movement is bigger than me. So, I'm on this mission to help more working women, by training up life coaches in my methods. 

    My methods are well suited to support you, in carving out this innovative coaching niche - so you can attract and support more clients.

    In my bid to give back, I've created this FREE programme, no hidden costs, no tricks. There's an opportunity to continue on with me if you want to. But if not, you can take 5 days of high value training with you, into your own coaching journey.

    See you there!

    Anika V xx

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